About the artist

My first interest in Art started at school, when I vaguely remember being given a lump of clay and told to produce an animal! The result still sits in my art room, a rather earless, hornless rhino; from there I could only get better.

In those days you had to leave school and earn a living, so I started my engineering training. I still carried on with art at night school where I studied figure and still life.

I later moved to London to further my engineering career, and I was fortunate to study art with a lovely artist called Wally Walduct.

I took early redundancy from my engineering career. Being too old to start a new carrier, with my Pension in my hand, I decided to take up art more seriously. With my love of travel I found myself overwhelmed with landscape and seascape, from the outback of Australia and the large seas of the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, to the more gentle landscapes of Suffolk. I then found that I wanted to paint more and it did not matter too much what I painted, as long as it inspired me. Now I try to paint outside as often as I can and get the impressions with a small watercolor or sketch. I take lots of photos for that very important light direction, with never gives me enough time in the field.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I am back home I will look through my photos looking for that extra something that attracts me, given much thought on my planning for my painting mainly in my mind. Sometimes, as soon as I see the subject I just want to paint and I find it difficult to wait and carry on with family matters.

I am not going to discuss what materials I use, except that I paint mainly in oils and watercolor. I think all artists find the best watercolor paper they like to use and medium for which painting they are going to paint. I read study and paint a lot, which I really enjoy.